Saker Contour Gauge Profile Tool With Opening Locator


The Saker Contour Gauge With Opening Locator makes getting measurements and odd angles much easier than fighting a tape measure. This contour tool works great with an adjustable measuring tool for recording the cross-sectional shape of a surface. With this amazing contour gauge duplicator, it will be easy to cut flooring or siding to fit around curved surfaces.

How to Use A Contour Gauge?

1. Lightly press the pins against a flat surface to make sure the ends are in line.
2. Push the contour gauge up against whatever shape you wish to duplicate.
3. Lock the gauge to firmly hold the pins in place,
4. Trace the shape with a pencil to transfer the pattern.

Package Included

1 x 5 Inches Contour Gauge
1 x Angle Ruler

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