Solar Powered Water Fountain
perfect for landscaping: garden, yard, pathway, poolside, patios, or any outdoor environment. Solar-powered, brights automatically, no wires or electricity needed! Our solar fountain pump will bring much fun and vitality for your garden, birdbath, swimming pool, fish tank, aquarium, and so on. ADVANTAGES...
Saker Path Floor Mould
Let your garden path have a beautiful pattern so that the road is no longer rigid!  Place the path mold on the ground, fill it with concrete, smooth surface, remove mold and you’re done, no special skills or tools needed, everyone can...
from $39.99
Reusable Tile Leveling System
🔥 Reusable Tile Leveling System 🔥 📌Description: Practical tile leveling system,wear-resistant, resuable. Keep the tile balance on the same horizontal position. Easy to use for DIY operation. Improve tile installation speed.Reduce installer fatigue/stress. Prevents tiles from moving while curing. Tile leveling system...
Reusable Garden Flower Lever Loop Gripper Clips
The Plant Clip is an especially designed clip to use when you want to keep your Veggies, Flowers, Climbing and Crawling Plants or small Trees together, to protect from Weather, Wind, or Rain Damage without harming damaging or injuring the plant....
from $12.99
High pressure nozzle for car garden tool
Free shipping>> The secret way to never waste water again! Are you looking for a practical solution to maintain water waste? This high pressure nozzle offers you the most powerful and highest volume jet sprays. It gives you the ability to simply spray away...
Garden Weed Brush Lawn Mower Head
Garden Weed Brush Lawn Mower Head Suitable for almost all light trimmers A weed cutter for wild weeds, brush braided wire, made from high-quality steel wire for cleaning edges and surfaces. 🌾FEATURES: Made of steel wire material, it is durable...
from $30.99
Garden Grass Stainless Steel Chain Trimmer Head
✅Great grass cutting tool Easy to install The screw-type is suitable for the gearbox of M10 X 1.25LH, which can be directly installed on the gearbox. It is simple and convenient and can completely replace the clipper. The general type...
Electric Branch Scissors
Electric Branch Scissors Makes Your Gardening Work Easy & Fast, Low noise, good fatigue resistance, Safe Trigger, Long Time Working. Feature: High Carbon Steel: High strength steel blade, extremely sharp and durable, which makes it easily to cut within 30 mm...
DIY Path Floor Mould Maker
Happy Easter 2020 SALE   Limited time END:09/21/2020 The shape fulfills your dream of designing your own terrace or path and then makes it a reality. No special skills are required to use this tool. The shape is easy to clean...
3-in-1 Soil Tester Kits with Moisture
3-in-1 soil tester kit, a simple, easy to use and yet very effective soil meter that will help you make the dream for your belonged private garden come true! 🌻Features: 🌱【3-IN-1 FUNCTION】Test soil moisture, pH value and sunlight level of...
Hirundo Garden Genie Gloves with Claws on Right Hand
The Hirundo Garden Genie Gloves will keep your fingers and hands protected while being comfortable. They are also very easy to clean. Impressive stuff!           YOUR BEST GARDENING TOOL - This Garden Genie Gloves is the...
Automatic Water Irrigation Control System
Automatic Water Irrigation Control System Automatic Watering Spike, Enjoy your vacation!  Are you wondering who will water your plants while you're away on vacation? With it, you can go relax without having to worry about your plants. Use the product...
from $22.99
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