Universal Screwdriver Head Magnetic Ring
  Magnetic ring effect Tips1: The head of the batch is equipped with a strong magnetic ring, which is suitable for the installation of long screws and high-altitude operations and sucks the screws without shaking; Tips2: The magnetic ring can...
from $8.99
Titanium Step Drill (3 pieces)
        👨‍🔧PERFECT HOLES IN EACH MATERIAL QUICK AND EASY TO CREATE👨‍🔧 🔥🔥You can use these to drill holes in any materials. Work with plastic, wood, and most metals such as steel, brass, aluminum, and copper.🔥🔥 The shafts are...
Screw Extractor(4 Pcs/5pcs/6pcs)
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from $16.99
Saker Multifunctional Drill Bits
FEATURES PREMIUM MATERIAL: 6542 HSS Carbide with a reinforced head that prevents bit cracking; Twist drill bit set made of hard and durable alloy, provides longer life. UNIQUE DESIGN: U type slot design with fast drilling dust remove, antiskid triangle handle allows...
from $19.49
Saker Flux-Cored Welding Rods
Saker Flux-Cored Welding Rods are engineered to easily flow under a very low working temperature to ensure fast application to your project with minimal distortion. Welding Instructions: Thoroughly clean the area you’re about to weld by brushing the base with stainless steel...
from $35.99
Professional Rivet Gun Adapter Kit With 4Pcs Different Nozzle Bolts
🔩Professional Rivet Gun Adapter Kit with 4Pcs FEATURES: RIVET GUN ADAPTER-----Includes alloy steel forged riveting gun, flexible rotor, and 4 different matching bolts for securing rivets in the kit, which all assemble as a unit. Efficient, strong, and quick. Come...
from $49.99
Pivoting Bit Tip Holder
Install screws with a portable electric drill also at inaccessible spots Magnetic, impact-ready pivoting bit holder for accessing tight spaces and awkward screws. Lockable for use as a straight bit holder. Features: 20 Degree Pivot Mode allows for tight space...
Magnetic Driver Drill Set
💡 A perfect addition to your tool kit, a durable solution to simplify your drilling, more durable, flexible, and help you work faster than ever before.  💡 MAGNETIC: prevents screws from falling and to allow easy countersink. 💡 PENETRATION: applicable to different...
Hex Shank Firewood Drill Bit
When it comes to choosing the right carpentry or DIY tool, this Hex Shank Firewood Drill Bit is definitely a game-changer! This tool can save your back and your time in splitting woods, and you will be amazed by how easy wood splitting...
from $21.99
Frame Molding Router Bit
🤩Create an exquisite center panel door and drawer frames with the mitered door router bit. Mitered doors allow much more leeway for the artistic design than traditional rail and stile doors. 🤩The rail and stile door's joint restricts the amount...
from $32.99
Drill Cable Quick Connector
Main Features IMPROVE WORK EFFECT The tool twist wire can twist and tape thread simultaneously, it can help increase productivity and prevent sore fingers and cramps hands. EASY OPERATION The wire connector tool with 3/8 "hex rod can be attached...
Domom® Premium Rotary Rasps Wood Set(10 pcs per set)
The rotating carbide drills are indispensable and necessary tools for carpenters, DIYs, and home repair work. These are handy for cutting, shaping, grinding, removing sharp corners and excess materials on wooden surfaces. Product Features: 10 pieces in one set: This...
Domom Universal Socket
$19.99 from $16.99
Domom Universal Socket
Domom Universal Socket must-have in your toolbox! The perfect addition to your toolbox, which can self-adjusts to fit grasp the hex, nut, eye, hook, etc. And even damaged and rusted fasteners that your other tools can't get a grip on. It makes...
$19.99 from $16.99
DOMOM Flexible Drill Bit Extension with Screw Drill Bit Holder
Let you drill and work - even in the smallest of spaces! Expand your reach with our DOMOM Flexible Drill Bit Extension! It bends and turns to ease you into the narrowest of spaces. Nevertheless, you can keep a firm...
from $24.99
Domom Deburring External Chamfer Tool for Drill Bit, 2 Pack
Are you often face this embarrassing situation? When you try to screw the nut find the bolt has much burr. Usually you will take arduous hammer to hit it to be tapered edge. This Domom Deburring External Chamfer Tool for Drill Bit is designed...
Domom 20 Pcs Drill Driver Screwdriver Set -High Speed Alloyed Steel
Domom 20 Pcs Drill Driver Screwdriver Set, your best partner for drilling and driving works! Easily switch between bits in seconds Alloy Steel Materials Swivel head flips&locks from drilling to driving Works with your own power drill Select two different size...
Domom 16-30MM HSS Drill Bit Hole Saw Set
Material: HSS high speed steel. Size: 16mm/0.62" , 18.5mm/0.72" , 20mm/0.78" , 25mm/0.98" , 30mm/1.18" High-speed steel and stainless steel hole saw drill hole saw, sheet metal reamer. Through a special heat treatment, sharp edge, high strength. High precision, smooth...
DOMOM 10-In-1 Tungsten Steel Grinding Head Set ( 10PCs )
 🔥The DOMOM 10 in 1 Tungsten Steel Grinding Head ( 10PCS ) that consist of inverted cone, pointed cone, round nose cone, pointed tree cone, ball nose cone, flame, ball, oval, cylinder and round nose cylinder tip! 🌞Perfect for any handcraft that...
Damaged Screw Extractor,Set of 5
🔩Damaged Screw Extractor🔩 Having problems with your old and rusty screws on how to remove it? Look at here! It will remove damaged, stripped, rusted, broken, or stuck screws from any wood or metal surface. Works on wood and machine...
3-Teeth T-type Tenon Knife Cutter 2PCS - Yellow 1/4
3-TEETH T-TYPE TENON KNIFE Perfect choice for woodworking professionals JOINTING WOOD PLANKS EDGE TO EDGE 2 pieces used together. One is for making notch, the other is for making protrusion SOLID HARDENED STEEL BODIES High quality, sturdy and durable SHARP...
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